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Tattoo Art

What started out as a fun party trick is now a fulfilling creative outlet and side hustle. I mostly tattoo friends and strangers at DIY venues in Brooklyn (I know that sounds pretentious but it's the truth). The thing I love most about tattooing is exchanging stories with people who come across my chair.

Happy Easter
Up To No Good
Breast in Peace
Goodbye Rosie, Queen of Corona
Throw Dat Ass Back
Lickety Split
Take Me to the South of France?
Cross Section of a Kiwi
Rest & Relaxation
The Face in My Dreams
You Wax?
Great American Nood
Balls or Butt?
Come Hither
Figure Drawing
Thick Legs Pretty Face
Xtina's World
Mile Long Legs
Cherry Coloured Funk
I Like Your Beard
Love Doesn't Come in a Minute
Eat Me
Red Cherry Baby!
Study of Skull 1
Study of Skull 2
Study of Skull 3
Left Wing Chicks Are Hot
Full Moon
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